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Sika Scofield Repello

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An environmentally sound, premium quality, invisible, penetrating treatment for protecting horizontal or vertical, porous colored or uncolored concrete and improving durability.

SCOFIELD® Repello® is formulated for treating fully cured, porous, interior or exterior colored, multicolored, chemically stained or uncolored concrete where invisible protection from staining is required. Concrete surfaces treated with SCOFIELD Repello are easier to clean and maintain. It reduces damage or discoloration from common spills, such as food, oil, and chemicals, as well as environmental effects from acid-rain, airborne pollution and water penetration. Durability is improved and the treatment provides increased resistance to surface spalling caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

SCOFIELD Repello also reduces degradation of the surface appearance from mildew formation, chloride penetration, and efflorescence. Surfaces treated with SCOFIELD Repello remain breathable because the transmission of moisture vapor from the surface is not blocked.

An invisible barrier is formed when SCOFIELD Repello penetrates and reacts with the concrete. Since no film is formed, it cannot chip, peel, or flake away, and it will not yellow over time. It wears only as the substrate wears.

A unique and proprietary waterborne formulation, SCOFIELD Repello exceeds the performance of traditional clear water repellents or silicate-based products. Unlike other treatments, the unique chemical barrier formed by SCOFIELD Repello exhibits superior resistance to stains from water, spills and contaminants.

SCOFIELD Repello is formulated for easy, fast-track installations on interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical areas of cured new concrete construction, and also for refurbishment/renovation projects. It is intended for use above grade, in areas not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Application is done simply and quickly by hand-pump sprayers or rollers. A waterborne formula, it is virtually odor free during application. Within approximately one hour of treatment, the surface is protected from staining, and the performance continues to improve over several days.

Warehouse, factory, and many other colored or uncolored, porous concrete interior floors should normally be treated to protect the surface and facilitate cleanup. Applied to these surfaces, SCOFIELD Repello produces excellent results and reduces the need for aggressive ongoing floor maintenance programs.


  • 1-Gallon Pails & 5-Gallon Pails

  • Coverage

  • 100-200 ft²/gal depending on concrete
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    Manufacturer: Sika Scofield
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