Sika Scofield Cureseal-S

Sika Scofield Cureseal-S

Sika Scofield

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A solvent-borne, clear curing compound for freshly placed colored or uncolored concrete flatwork and a durable sealer for protecting horizontal or vertical quarry tile, brick, block, stone, exposed-aggregate, or cementitious surfaces.

SCOFIELD® Cureseal-S™ was developed for curing and sealing freshly placed colored or uncolored concrete and sealing new or existing, interior or exterior concrete flatwork or SCOFIELD® Texturetop® toppings where a clear matte or gloss finish is desired. It is also effective when used as a sealer over antiqued, imprinted, chemically stained, or exposed-aggregate concrete surfaces and as a finish sealer over quarry tile, brick, block, or stone. SCOFIELD Cureseal-S produces a clear finish that is resistant to blushing and will not yellow with age or exposure to ultraviolet light, providing significant protection against ultraviolet degradation of the substrate.

As a premium-quality concrete curing membrane, SCOFIELD Cureseal-S offers excellent curing properties and moisture retention. As a sealer, SCOFIELD Cureseal-S helps protect against staining from incidental contact with materials such as automotive oil, grease, and food spills. It produces a low-maintenance film that improves resistance to abrasion, freeze-thaw cycles, deicing salts, weather, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and many chemicals. It is helpful in preventing concrete dusting and spalling. Surfaces sealed and protected with SCOFIELD Cureseal-S are easier to clean and maintain than unsealed concrete. It is used as a sealer on building walls, allowing stains from airborne pollutants such as soot and dirt to be washed away with water.

Commercial, industrial, and other interior floors may be cured and sealed with SCOFIELD Cureseal-S to protect the surface and facilitate cleanup. When applied as a sealer on existing floors or on floors topped with SCOFIELD Texturetop, SCOFIELD Cureseal-S serves as the basis for an ongoing floor maintenance program.


  • 15-Gallon Pails & 55-Gallon Drums

  • Coverage

  • 300-500 ft²/gal depending on floor and application method
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    Manufacturer: Sika Scofield
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