Swift Lift

Swift Lift Lifting Eye

  • The lifting body has a T-shaped slot that permits rapid attachment and release of the head on Swift Lift Anchors
  • The design of the P50 Universal Lifting Eye permits the bail to freely rotate 180°, while the complete lifting eye may rotate thro

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    P52.1T9.5 Lifting Capacity: 1 Ton; Size: 9-1/2" Request Quote
    P52.2T6.75 Lifting Capacity:2 Ton; Size: 6-3/4" Request Quote
    P52.4T9.5 Lifting Capacity:4 Ton; Size: 9-1/2" Request Quote
    P52.8T13.38 Lifting Capacity: 8 Ton; Size: 13-3/8" Request Quote

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    SKU: P52.1T9.5-P52.8T13.38 Category: Tag:

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    P52.1T9.5, P52.2T6.75, P52.4T9.5, P52.8T13.38


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