Repair Mortar

One-component, pre-packaged, ready-to-use, cementitious, silica fume, fiber reinforced, high strength shrinkage-compensated mortar. Formulated for application by trowel or low pressure spray. It is designed especially for repair of overhead and vertical surfaces.

  • Ready-for-use, one-component material.
  • Easy to use; just add water.
  • Sprayable system.
  • Potable water approved.
  • Superior workability. Can be trowelled and screeded after application.
  • Labor-saving system.
  • Superior abrasion resistance over conventional Portland cement mortar.
  • Bond strength ensures superior adhesion.
  • Not a vapor barrier.
  • Compatible with coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete.
  • Increased resistance to de-icing salts.
  • Good freeze/thaw resistance.
  • High early strengths.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Silica Fume enhanced.
  • Fiber reinforced.
  • Call for pricing.

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    Sika SikaRepair 224 Repair Mortar