Laticrete CRYSTEX

CRYSTEX is a ready-mixed, high strength, highly fluid, controlled
expansion grout with superior dynamic load stability. CRYSTEX
contains a balanced blend of washed and graded aggregates, portland
cement, plasticizing agents, and a proprietary shrinkage compensating
system, which controls positive expansion in all directions. CRYSTEX
is dimensionally stable once fully cured and is scientifically
proportioned and can be used at any consistency from plastic to fluid.

Basic Use: CRYSTEX is used where precision, nonshrink, high-strength, structural grout is required, such as: heavy equipment machinery bases, crane rails, pump and equipment bases in power plants, steel and paper mills, sewage treatment plants, keyways, bed plates where heavy repetitive loading occurs, anchor bolts and dowels, structural steel columns, bearing plates, load bearing masonry walls, light poles and highway signs.

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55 lb (25 kg) bag