Seraph Harness with Surfacetech Webbing

Streamlined and efficient, the Seraph Harness expands upon the features offered by the Guardian Fall Protection Velocity Harness, and is perfectly suited for a variety of fall protection applications. The Seraph Harness is designed with a back pad, shoulder pads, and improved elasticity in the shoulders for added comfort. Manufactured with Surfacetech webbing, the Seraph Harness is especially easy to clean, and is resistant to dirt, mold, or other types of contamination.

  • Surfacetech webbing

  • 5 points of adjustment

  • Quick-adjust torso buckles

  • Superior flexibility and comfort




  • ANSI Z359.1-07, ANSI A10.32-12, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910

  • 130-420 lbs.

  • Surfacetech polyester and nylon

  • Galvanized Steel

  • M – L

  • No

  • PT Chest / TB Legs
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