D-Ring 2 Hole Anchor Plate

The Guardian Fall Protection D-Ring 2 Hole Anchor Plate is a bolt or weld-on anchor plate with an attached D-ring. Comprised of stainless steel, this plate may be used in both temporary and permanent installation applications, and is extremely durable.

  • Easy to install

  • Plate size: 2" x 4–1/4"

  • Bolt or weld to structure

  • http://bit.ly/1CsB3g8

  • http://bit.ly/1c1lIOm

  • OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, ANSI Z359.1-07, and ANSI A10.32-12

  • 130-420 lbs.

  • Galvanized steel

  • 5,000 lbs.
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