Rescue Ladder Kit with Belay System

The Guardian Fall Protection Safety Ladder Kit is specially designed to facilitate prompt rescue of a fallen worker. Easily installed and deployed in only a few moments, this kit employs a durable 18’ ladder for the rescuer to hang down to the victim. A highly visible, convenient, and weather resistant carrying bag is integrated to the ladder to allow for it to be located close to the fall hazard regardless of conditions, thereby further accelerating the rescue process. A pulley system is also included with the ladder to allow the rescuer to assist in raising/lowering the victim to a safe area. Fall protection plans require more than simply contacting emergency services and waiting for help to arrive. The Rescue Ladder Kit is an ideal option for ensuring workers are recovered as quickly as possible.

  • 18’ high strength rescue ladder

  • Integrated, high visibility carrying bag

  • Includes belay system for assisted rescue

  • Carabiner included



  • 18′

  • Nylon
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