Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor

The Guardian Fall Protection Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor is a temporary and reusable anchor point that is designed for use with SRLs up to 50′ in length (or up to 65′ in length if used in combination with the Retractable Swivel Adaptor). This anchor easily installs on flat wood or metal substrates, is made from power-coated steel for increased durability, and allows the attached SRL to rotate a full 360°. SRL not included.

  • Easy to install

  • Rotates full 360 degrees

  • Fasteners included



  • OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, ANSI Z359.1-07, and ANSI A10.32-12

  • 130-420 lbs.

  • Powder-coated steel

  • 5,000 lbs.
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