L&M™ PETROTEX™ is a ready to use, quick drying, multifunctional, water-based concrete protectant containing a new generation, invisible, and VOC compliant emulsion.

Develops oil and water repellency, resisting staining for improved aesthetics.
Provides improved water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling and freeze/thaw damage.
Ready to use low-odor formula for easy application. Compatible with chemically hardened floors: especially, L&M Seal Hard, Lion Hard and FGS PermaShine.
Formulated to minimize darkening effects.
Water, oil and dirt repellent treatment of low-porosity natural stone, e.g. marble, tavertine and granite.

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1 Gal (3.8 L), 5 Gal (18.9 L), 55 Gal (208 L)