14" Cut-Off Saw

Makita’s 14-inch Portable Cut-Off Saw (model 2414NB) delivers power and ease-of-use features for a range of industrial metal-cutting applications.

15 AMP Motor for Improved Performance
The 2414NB is powered by a Makita-built 15 AMP motor that delivers 3,800 RPM for improved performance. It is engineered to cut 4-1/2-inch round stock at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

Precision Features for More Efficient Cutting
The fence adjusts 45 degrees right and left, with three locations for various material sizes. Precision features include a quick-release vise for secure material retention and fast repeated cut-offs, as well as an adjustable depth stop for precise and repeatable cutting depth.

The 2414NB is engineered with a D-shaped handle for easy gripping, a lock-off button, and a spark diversion guard. It is ideal for a range of industrial metalworking applications.

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