Bar Lock Coupler System

The Dayton Superior Bar Lock® Coupler System provides a simple, quick, cost effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in tension and/or compression applications. Bar Lock® couplers are effective when used as a "positional" coupler when the rebar is fixed in place or when the rebar is free to rotate. Bar Lock® couplers utilize lock-shear bolts and serrated grip rails to mechanically splice the rebar. The serrated grip rails are embedded in the rebar as the lock-shear bolts are tightened. The heads of the lock-shear bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque to ensure proper installation.

  • Quick and easy to install to save time and money.
  • Eliminates bar threading or special bar-end treatment.
  • No special installation equipment required.
  • High strength in tension, compression and seismic applications.
  • Available in standard, transition and weldable versions in sizes #4 through #18.
  • Ideal for new construction and rehab projects.
  • Call for pricing.

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    Dayton Superior ESR 2495 Bar Lock Coupler System


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